Workshop – Pas de chicane dans ma cabane: Self-directed senior housing

I’m very excited to be sharing a place at the table with a group of super smart women – we are going to have a lively conversation about self-directed seniors housing at the conference “From the Ground up.” I’ll be sharing the stage with Janet Torge of Radical Resthomes and Isabelle Duclaud et Vouli Mamfredis of la Maison des RebElles (a community led affordable seniors community for lesbians and their allies – article on this forthcoming!). We are all going to be kept in check by the tireless Laura Wenzel.

If our initial meeting is any indication this is going to be a fun and interesting conversation, please join us Sunday April 14th 14h-15H30 in Salon du fondateur at the Canadian Centre for Architecture.

For more information on the whole conference, visit their bilingual website here:

Get tickets to the event here.

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