What is a home? Workshop

I’m happy to be participating in the upcoming Planner’s Network Conference: PN 2019 Montreal conference: Resisting Displacement & Dispossession. The workshop takes place June 21-22 in multiple cities!

You can register for the conference here.

I’m going to be running a participative workshop called “What is a home?”

“What is a home?” is a facilitated series of exercises that allows participants considering community-led development to think about the notion of home – what is means to them, why that might be the case, and how this might change over time. This kind of shared reflexive exercise can help people understand their expectations related to the idea of having a home, and how they might be different from their neighbours. Such a reflection is especially important when considering embarking on a path of community co-creation, as there are many unstated assumptions that guide people’s decisions – it can be helpful to bring these to the foreground sooner rather than later. In a society where we have come to expect that which is already available, it’s important to reflect on these expectations as we embark on a process of “breaking” or remaking the rules together. Through this kind of exercise we can consider people’s personal needs for privacy, what they feel comfortable sharing, and what conditions need to be true for this sharing to transpire in practice. This workshop will ask people to clarify what is specifically meant in practice by notions such as collective stewardship, participative democracy, and collaborative living. This will typically reveal a diversity of needs and approach that should be negotiated in a design, development and management process.

If you are interested in community led development, such as collaborative housing – you should come. More details in terms of times etc. forthcoming.

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