The Worlds We Want podcast is coming!


This Wednesday, with the help of CJLO and Future Earth, I’m launching a new podcast with two other Concordia students, called the Worlds We Want. Throughout the series we are going to be considering the work of researchers who are tackling issues associated with environmental change, such as the great acceleration and climate change. It’s about research in and on the Anthropocene.

The show will be live on the last Wednesday of the month at 1690AM in Montreal and streaming at The show is structured in two parts – the first is recorded in advance and makes use of audio from a series of interviews conducted earlier in the year and explores a specific theme. The second part of the show is live and features in-studio guests who chat with us at length on the topic of the day.

Update: You can now subscribe to the show on iTunesSpotify, and other places you like to listen to podcasts.



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