Passing on Some Good Advice: On Building and Living in a Cohousing Community

In Act II of An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, there is a line that states “The only thing to […]

Eco-Design for Behavior Change: Sustainability is people

This article first appeared in Communities: Eco-Building, (Summer 2018); for further information on Communities: Eco-Design for Behavior Change: Sustainability is people The notion […]

Upcoming Talk: The Good Fight

I’m going to share some of my slightly more academic thoughts in this upcoming talk. Going to consider the relationship […]

Cohousing Workshop

I’m going to be running an introductory workshop on cohousing on April 23, 2017 in Beaconsfield at residence Villa Beaurepaire, […]

Presenting “The Architecture of Trust” this week!

This week a number of researchers, both professors and students will be presenting their work across various disciplines, all under […]

Canadian Cohousing Research Project Continues

With many thanks to the Sam and Diana Scalia Sustainable Real Estate and Built Environment Program as well as the School of Graduate […]

A very brief introduction to cohousing

My research into design for positive ecological behavior change has followed a rather circuitous path these last few years. Given […]

Canadian Cohousing Research Project

    After years of thinking and working on sustainable and collaborative design I’ve finally been able to carve out […]