Oh Canada… (lino)

This is a series completed as course work at Concordia University, as part of my BFA.

This series was done by manually carving out drawings meant to reference the iconic Canadian landscape imagery of Lawren Harris and Tom Thompson. These artist’s work, while modern, are mostly about 100 years old now and represent an idealized depiction of the Canadian landscape as one that is both vast and beautiful. The original works are held as dear to many Canadians (this is reflected in the market price of these pieces – you might recognize this $3.51 million sketch by Lawren Harris as one of my reference images ).

That being said, as a nation, we are in the process of devaluing the areas that served as a reference for these works through the industrialization of our landscape in order to meet market demands for (often disposable) goods. Thus, I’ve taken these referenced words and included modern interventions on the landscape as a way to represent both the visual impact of our hunger for natural resources, as well as the emergence of a new national identity, which is no longer positive as it relates to the environment. I also made use of news images and the work of Edward Burtynsky as reference of the devastation that industrialization can have on landscapes.

These pieces were shown at QPIRG Concordia’s “Art in Action”, and were also featured on both covers of Convergence Journal Vol4.



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