Oh Canada… (paint)

This is a continuation of a previous exercise, which you can see here.

Canadian national identity is closely tied to its landscape and this project aims to update – rather than reinvent – the visual language of Canadian landscape painting. The juxtaposition of art historical views of our nation, via the landscapes of well-known Canadian Landscape painters (i.e. Lawren Harris, Tom Thompson, Emily Carr), with modern industrialized interventions allows the viewer to consider how much change has happened in just the last century.

I made use of two basic methods in the creation of this body of work: 1) the fairly direct copy (plus modifications) of existing works, and 2) overtly referencing elements of the works of others (e.g. specific colours, “style”). The latter method was more satisfying as it gave me the freedom to approach the puzzle of what and how to paint an industrialized landscape. The former may have more generally informed my approach to painting, as I had to spend more time investigating the design as well as the minutia of others’ works, trying to understand what they did, and then deciding what I could borrow and what I should leave behind.

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