Cohousing Workshop

I’m going to be running an introductory workshop on cohousing on April 23, 2017 in Beaconsfield at residence Villa Beaurepaire, at the invitation of a forming community that I’ve been observing for a while now. The community is working towards an option on a very exciting piece of property in Pointe-Claire, which will make for a very interesting project, should it advance.

The workshop will cover a lot of ground and will hopefully leave some room for real reflection about the process of co-designing and developing a high functioning, low-impact commnunity. Preparing the presentation has allowed me to reflect more deeply on a lot of issues secondary to my thesis that emerged while I was visiting Canadian cohousing communities and interviewing members. I can see the outlines of a few less academic articles percolating and this presentation will allow me to explore some of these points with a forming community.


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