Be Moved by Art Interviews

As part of my work with the David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise I was able to work on the development of duel galleries in the MB Building at Concordia University. In the north stairwell, there is an exhibit of one body of work by Lori Nix, and in the South Stairwell as a collection of murals that were selected after a series of calls for proposals over a two year period. Below is a video featuring an interview I conducted with the multi-media artist Lori Nix, and then another featuring Bronwen Moen, a painter and muralist who contributed a few murals to the “Be Moved by Art” Project. This project was such a pleasure to work on – mostly due to being able to meet and talk with lovely people like Bronwen and Lori.

My interview with Lori Nix

My interview with Bronwen Moen

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