photo credit: the mighty Max Telzerow 

Cheryl Gladu is a jack of all trades and master of some. Many moons ago, she received a degree in International Business from Carleton University and an MBA from Simon Fraser University. After working for several years in the trenches of the environmental movement, she co-created and managed an upstart green real estate development company. A few years ago she returned to school in order to pursue an interdisciplinary PhD in the innovative interdisciplinary INDI program at Concordia University, where she studies at both the John Molson School of Business and Concordia’s Department of Design and Computation Arts. She enthusiastically lectures at both McGill and Concordia Universities and against better judgment, is also slowly chipping away at a part-time degree in painting and drawing. For fun she manages several hives of venomous insects with the Santropol Roulant Bee Collective and writes, hosts and edits the Worlds We Want podcast

Cheryl’s main field of interest is design to facilitate collective behavior change. She has studied design for sustainable behavior change, via something called “ecofeedback,” as well as art for social change. She is also one of the researchers on the boundary-breaking Collaboratoire project.

Her thesis, a project called “The Architecture of Trust” will focus on to the design of processes contributing to the successful completion of cohousing communities in Canada.


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